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What is ReallyFree.Org?

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ReallyFree.Org is a domain created by Frederick Ravid to promote gatherings for spiritual upliftment that draw from an assortment of inspirational sources.

Spiritual Teachings Are Universal
Spiritual teachings are a given in creation. They originate from the One and infuse creation with love and wisdom, simultaneously coming from everywhere, nature, other people both in and out of flesh, spiritual beings of untold variety, breath, visions, the stellar bodies, and even our food. Over time, insights about how best to serve the Divine purpose for body, soul, & spirit have been organized to meet the situational needs of various times and groups. Sometimes these crystalized into religions, which tend to show the shadow of Divine revalation, and other times they served their pupose for brief times and dissipated.

The notion behind our name is simply encouragement for you. Feel "really free" to draw on guidance, spread your spiritual wings and gain strength for the fulfillment of your soul's lifetime purpose. Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder that we are all connected and that's the mission of ReallyFree.

Our inspiration is drawn from Judaism, Kabbalah, Monasticism, Gnosticim, Zen & Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, Sufism, and Shamanism, among other sources, all of which hail to the One in which all beings abide.


About Frederick

For over 30 years, Frederick Ravid has facilitated spiritual and musical events and produced writings, drawing on a wide assortment of authentic spiritual traditions from East to West, the developed world to the Amazon Rainforest. He occasionally facilitates public gatherings. As a foundation, he spent above 20,000 hours in meditation and spiritual practices. He focuses his teaching on making spiritual experience accessible, via integration of diverse resources with their practical applications, service to others and direct involvement in society, as contrasted to renouncing society.

Frederick Ravid is a 21st generation descendent from father-to-son of the famous 12th century kabalistic master Rabbi Abraham ben David, of Posquierres, known as the RaVaD. With a keen lifelong spiritual interest, he began to practice world spirituality in his teens back in the late 1960s, and spent over 12 formative years in intense spiritual discipline where he received extensive training and intiation. He was deeply influenced by relationships with a variety of world-respected spiritual teachers including The Bostoner Rebbe and many others, not to mention obscure native teachers of North and South America.

As a professional and business advisor, he serves as President and Principal of a Registered Investment Advisor, Chartered Financial Services, Inc., is outspoken about the need for genuinely Sustainable Investment Practices, is Author of the viral Petition “Tell Obama To Cease FDA Ties To Monsanto” which received 425,000 signatures in January 2012. He is founder of


About Live World Music & Meditation Gatherings

A Quartet of Experiences have been carefully arranged to support your entrance into Self Realization Meditation
In any ashram or monastery, spiritual practices like Chanting are practiced in conjunction with other activities. It seems that a combination of these is the secret to really powerful spiritual foundation building experiences. Alone, each of them are valuable but we practice them together for highely accelerated benefits.

Each week we pre-announce a topical focus that will be shared during the spoken portion of the gathering. This serves as a bridge to bring our thoughts back to our inward goals and higher objectives.

Kirtan & Chant
We do Kirtan and other forms of chant, drawing on traditions ranging from North Africa to Mongolia. And, in the inclusive style of world awareness, we chant in various languages featuring (alphabetically) , Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, Quechua (Amazon), and Sanscrit. We tend to us chant from the "Eastern" cultures of the world which have 24-note scales, as compared to our 8 note "diatonic" scale. The sounds of the Eastern scales have an immediate impact on the Chakras and the mood. They yield architectures of domes and arches, as compared to our "dithered down" rectangular architecture in West. Our chants focus primarily on lovely and potent mantras and Hindu & Seikh Bajans as are commonly chanted in North and South India.

Kriya and Pranayams
Breathing practices including some that are very vigorous, are very key to gettting the chaotic energies often present even in a healthy body to begin to move in harmony. This harmonious state has the impact of creating an atmosphere where the inner being expands and comes to the surface, like a budding flower.

Self Realization Meditation
The above practices lead gently and steadily to guided and ecstatic meditation. Using these preparatory practices it is easy to begin meditation effortlessly.


Self Realization Meditation


Self Realization Meditation involves entering the inner being in a deliberate and focused return to the inner Center of Life, known as the G-d-Self, Holy of Holies, or Inner Sanctum. This spiritual practice is extremely ancient, and is the meditation approach taken by many Masters, East and West, in their own private work. It has generally been shared only to advanced devotees in Ashrams and Monasteries, but in this time it is being brought forward for all to experience. The Key to Self Realization Meditation is surrender of one's mental racket and return to the natural focus through the center of the spirit and the center of the body. This practice opens the door to profoundly expanded consciousness, healing, and yields opportunities for greater service.

These challenging times increasingly demand that we routinely set aside distractions and strengthen our inner pathways. Now is the time to prepare ourselves for the demanding days ahead and do our soul's work in our lives. Self Realization Meditation substantially accelerates spiritual focus and momentum, allowing a person to enter very deep levels of consciousness. This yields a very restorative and beneficial experience that can carry on for many days - or a lifetime.

A Higher Spiritual Standard
We are all called to live by a higher spiritual standard and to lead by a better example. These spiritual practices often have far-reaching impact on your entire life experience and that of those around you. This evening event allows you to focus on Self Realization Meditation and the refinement of your spiritual skills.


Who is Welcome?
All sincere persons are welcome regardless of prior experience, training or affiliation. Your friends are welcome, provided you make reservations where required.


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